Private to public and public to private: what are the new professional practices? 
International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art Annual Conference
Doha, Qatar
11 November 11, 2014

Panel Discussion: 
Luiz Augusto Teixeira de Freitas, Kate Fowle, Bernard Blistène, Eugene Tan and Fionn Meade moderated by Mami Kataoka

In the past fifteen years the art world has come to be dominated by an overflow of capital in colossal proportions. As modern and contemporary art have become havens of monetary value for global investors, the cultural value of art has ceased to exist as a unit with any measure of relevance. Its gradual quantification and its objective usefulness and efficiency have overthrown the role of the critic and the museum professional along with their authority to influence taste, value or public opinion. This session proposes the critical analysis of the changes that this transformation of the system’s balance have signified within the professional structures of the art world. We will pay special attention to the fluctuation of functions from the public to the private sector, and vice-versa, with special emphasis on the regions that have been recently colonized by the market and its own forms of legitimation. What are the regulations that operate around MUSEUMS IN PROGRESS 19 the transformation of professional activity and the nature of jobs in the art sector? Does the evolution in the composition of professions demand a new deontological code?

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