FIELDWORK: Reports on Event Curating 
Hospitalfield House
Angus, United Kingdom 

June 30 - July 2, 2014 

Fieldwork: Reports On Event Curating was a three-day conversation to unpack the curatorial presentation of durational art work — namely: the event

FIELDWORK addresses the mechanics behind event production: the use of the event as a short-circuit within or an alternative to the space of exhibition production; the changing intentions of documentation in shaping the event, both prior to and as postscript; the role of curatorial qualifications and schooling in engendering customised knowledge about and established formats for the event; and the conflicts between the arrival of the event and the location in which it occurs.

With reports by international curators Isla Leaver-Yap, Fionn Meade, Sam Korman, Vivian Ziherl and parallel conversations hosted by Gerrie Van Noord and Sarah Cook that explore the role of the event in local contexts, Fieldwork presents the event as a space of circulation and becoming.

Fionn Meade posed and reported on the question “what is the time of production?” In this current period of instant historicisation, Meade asked how curators might respond to this symptom within the framework of the contemporary art event, and questioned the ways in which young curators are prepared for the cross-disciplinarity required of event production.

Sam Korman presented a personal report on One Nite Stand, a karaoke bar in St Louis, Missouri. One Nite Stand presents a space in which ideas surrounding audience, arts institutions, participation, temporary utopias, pop music, authority, and class become porous situations.

Vivian Ziherl
spoke across three projects that include a publication project, a performance series, and an ongoing research project. Taking place across varied institutional settings and collaborations, the studies were linked through the refrain of locatedness – in geography, in time and as subject unto itself.
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