Entr’’acte –: A Form In Between

lecture presented at WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels, Belgium in conjunction with

Galerie Catherine Bastide, Brussels
curated by Fionn Meade

Literally indicating the time in between acts in 17th century French Baroque theater— but also the moment between a given gesture or action —the entr’acte as a form stems from that moment when the stage is emptied out for set or costume changes during an opera or play. In order to fill the time so as not to completely halt dramatic action, or, to help transition the mood from one act to the next, an ‘entr’acte’ would unfold before a simple backdrop with a minimum of props; embracing the economy of the gap and the leverage of interval, the ‘entr’acte occupies a space between denouement and spectacle, effacing and dispersing the subjective identification and vitalist discoveries often associated with theater.

Through a consideration of the exhibition Entr’’acte on view at Galerie Catherine Bastide, which includes exhibiting artists Tom Burr, James Coleman, Mike Kelley, David Noonan, William Pope.L, Catherine Sullivan, and Rosemarie Trockel, curator and writer Fionn Meade will examine the art historical relevance of devolved dramatic forms and their continued relevance to contemporary art practices.

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